Deputy or Heir? Origins of ‘An Tánaiste’

The titles of certain roles and institutions in Bunreacht na hÉireann (the Constitution of Ireland 1937) [1] have their roots in Early Ireland. One of the more interesting of these from a historical standpoint is the position of 'Tánaiste'. In this article I firstly provide an overview of the formal role envisaged for the Tánaiste… Continue reading Deputy or Heir? Origins of ‘An Tánaiste’

Medics and Pandemics in Early Ireland

The competent care and personal sacrifices of those working in our healthcare system have been brought home to us during this time of pandemic. And not just the valiant medical profession itself. It is often overlooked that the complex and delicate ecosystem within modern healthcare also depends on the everyday courage and professionalism of countless… Continue reading Medics and Pandemics in Early Ireland

Intro to the Brehon Laws

Image credit: Extract from an early Irish law tract in 'Ancient Laws of Ireland' (Vol. III) (Dublin, 1873) (link) Welcome to The Brehon Lawyer! See the 'About' section for general background on the motivations for this blog. In this first article I provide a brief introduction to the Brehon Laws, a lot of which will… Continue reading Intro to the Brehon Laws