Legal Advocates in Early Ireland

It is understandable that aspiring lawyers today might, at some point, find their education daunting and/or be apprehensive about entering a congested and stratified profession. Similar to other professional callings, qualifying as a lawyer is very much a marathon rather than a sprint and building up a successful practice can take some time to achieve.… Continue reading Legal Advocates in Early Ireland

Early Irish ‘Influencers’? Poets, Speech and Accountability under the Brehon Laws

Bunreacht na hÉireann (the Constitution of Ireland 1937) guarantees a number of important civil liberties, including '[t]he right of the citizens to express freely their convictions and opinions'. This right is not, however, absolute. Freedom of expression may be limited in some circumstances. For example, 'defamation' law provides a cause of action where legally unjustified… Continue reading Early Irish ‘Influencers’? Poets, Speech and Accountability under the Brehon Laws